Eva Kaili is a Member of the European Parliament and Head of the Hellenic Delegation “Olive Tree”, in the Progressive Alliance of Social Democrats “S&D” 2014-2019. She has been the youngest Member of the Hellenic Parliament 2007-2012 elected with Panhellenic Social Democratic Party at the first position in both National and European Elections.

At the European Parliament she is Member of the Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE), Economic and Monetary Policy (ECON), Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) and Tax Rulings (TAXE) Parliamentary Committees, as well as, Chair of EU-NATO Relations (DNAT) and Vice Chair of the Science and Technology Options Assessment, Scientific Foresight Unit STOA. She Is Member of the Delegation to USA and Delegation to Russia also. She one of the MEPs responsible for ENISA, Cybersecurity Agency of EP.

In her first year of her Office, she was Rapporteur of the Annual Tax Report of the European Parliament for 2015, and Shadow Rapporteur on the Financial Markets and Capital Markets Union Regulation Report, the Family Business Report, and the Investments for Jobs and Growth Report. She is currently the Rapporteur on the Geoblocking for ITRE.

In her capacity as the vChair of STOA, Scientific Foresight Unit of EP, promoting Science, Technology and Digital Economy, her main focus has been the Strategy of the Future in the European Union, with the intention of boosting economic growth through Innovation. She been very active working on EU’s financial integration and the management of the financial crisis in the Eurozone.

Academic Career

She obtained her Master of Arts in Architecture Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She holds a Master of Arts in International Relations and European Politics from the University of Piraeus, Department of International and European Studies. Eva is currently studying towards a PhD in International Political Economy. She also took courses in Basic Principles of Economics at Harvard University in 2012. From 2004 to 2007 Eva worked as a journalist and anchorwoman for Mega Channel, a major TV channel in Greece. She studied journalism at the private “School of Journalism” in Athens and is now a member of the Journalists Association of Athens.

Early Political career

Since 1992 Eva participated as an active member at the Panhellenic Youth & Students Party. In 2001 she became Students President at the School of Architecture in Aristotle University and by 2002 she was already the youngest member to be elected at the City Council of Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece. She was appointed Chair of KETHI, a Centre for Equality at the Hellenic Ministry of Internal Affairs 2013-2014, mostly offering advice, legal and psychological support to women and children, victims of violence, and also raising awareness with campaigns against abuse and trafficking. She has also been the spokeswoman of the Democratic Party at the 2015 Elections.

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