Aleksandra Palinska

Aleksandra Palinska is Senior Policy Adviser at EuropeanIssuers, which is a Brussels-based trade association representing the interests of publicly quoted companies across Europe.

Aleksandra’s background in economics is complemented by an additional diploma in European studies from the Warsaw School of Economics. Her experience of working for Brussels-based associations representing the interests of both companies and individual investors has provided her with a good understanding of the challenges and expectations of the buy and sell side. Her expertise in European regulatory developments ranges from company law, corporate governance and capital markets to listing and reporting requirements. She is a member of the Society of European Affairs Professionals.

More about EuropeanIssuers

EuropeanIssuers aims to ensure that EU policy creates an environment in which companies can raise capital through the public markets and can deliver growth over the longer-term. EuropeanIssuers’ members include both national associations and companies from all sectors in 14 European countries, covering markets worth €7.6 trillion market capitalisation with approximately 8000 companies. More information can be found at

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